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Cardiolinc™: a non-profit organisation to personalise treatment for cardiovascular disease patients

December 15, 2017   In Our News  

Inaugural Retreat of NextImmune - Luxembourg’s Doctoral Training Unit in Immunosciences

December 14, 2017   In Our News  

Dr Carole Devaux appointed as president of the Luxembourg AIDS Surveillance Committee

December 13, 2017   In Our News  

Luxembourg at the centre of molecular allergology: 300 allergy experts came together at ISMA 2017

December 07, 2017   In Our News  

Three LIH workshops at the Science Festival to check your health

November 29, 2017   In Our News  

First CANBIO retreat: kick-off of the Doctoral Training Unit in cancer biology

November 27, 2017   In Our News  

ISO 9001 certification for the National Cytometry Platform

November 24, 2017   In Our News  

Using Big Data technology to achieve better outcomes for patients with blood cancers

November 23, 2017   In Our News  

European project IDeAl: Improving statistical methodology for small population clinical trials

November 15, 2017   In Our News  

Bringing Natural Killer cells to the tumour battlefield

November 09, 2017   In Our News  

Well-attended National PhD Welcome Day

November 06, 2017   In Our News  

Inform to prevent: Second RETRACE report on injuries and accidents in Luxembourg

November 03, 2017   In Our News  

Intensive training on the optimisation of evidence from clinical trials

November 02, 2017   In Our News  

FNR Award for “Outstanding Scientific Publication” for Dr Mahesh Desai

October 31, 2017   In Our News  

Dr Ulf Nehrbass appointed as LIH's new CEO

October 27, 2017   In Our News  

Medical Research Day: young generation meets Luxembourg’s biomedical scientists

October 25, 2017   In Our News  

A European project to improve treatment outcomes for Glioblastoma patients

October 09, 2017   In Our News  

CLINNOVA kick-off: towards a Centre of Excellence in Digital Health and Personalised Healthcare

October 06, 2017   In Our News  

Having a fish allergy does not mean that you need to avoid eating fish

October 05, 2017   In Our News  

Monitoring the treatment of HIV-infected infants in West Africa

September 28, 2017   In Our News