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A link between migration status and depression burden in Luxembourg

September 14, 2017   In Our News  

LIH cooperates with IBLA Luxembourg on research in food production and nutrition

September 12, 2017   In Our News  

Prof Romain Seil nominated to the Scientific Committee of the Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute

August 25, 2017   In Our News  

RNA in exosomes from cancer cells subverts the immune system

August 23, 2017   In Our News  

Passing the mark of 1000 participants for the cardiovascular health study ORISCAV-LUX2

August 23, 2017   In Our News  

Estimating the global prevalence of hepatitis C infection

August 23, 2017   In Our News  

Clinical and Applied Virology research group hosted three scientific visitors

August 02, 2017   In Our News  

Pesticide exposure during pregnancy - Prize of best conference presentation for Emilie Hardy

July 27, 2017   In Our News  

LUXCOR health event in Brussels: showing Luxembourg’s way to next-generation healthcare

July 27, 2017   In Our News  

Register now for the International Symposium on Molecular Allergology in Luxembourg

July 24, 2017   In Our News  

Award for sports medicine publication of high public interest

July 21, 2017   In Our News  

Donation for brain research from the Rotary Club Luxembourg

July 06, 2017   In Our News  

New lecture series in Translational Bioinformatics and Systems Biomedicine

July 03, 2017   In Our News  

Cancer Foundation supports an LIH research project promoting physical activity in cancer patients

June 30, 2017   In Our News  

How healthy is Luxembourg? Results from the European Health Interview Survey

June 28, 2017   In Our News  

Best Healthcare Educative Campaign of the Year Award for LIH’s project Sport-Santé

June 16, 2017   In Our News  

Highly pathogenic avian influenza in Luxembourg: virovigilance and preparedness at LIH allowed rapid interventions

June 15, 2017   In Our News  

Hypermetabolic cancer cells resist to chemotherapy

June 08, 2017   In Our News  

Research dedicated to life - LIH publishes its activity report 2016

June 07, 2017   In Our News  

Renomination of the Luxembourg WHO Collaborating Centre for Reference and Research on Measles Infections

May 31, 2017   In Our News