Double constrained ordination for assessing biological trait responses to multiple stressors: A case study with benthic macroinvertebrate communities.

February 01, 2021
2021 Feb. Sci Total Environ.754:142171.
  • Peng F-J
  • ter Braak CJF
  • Rico A
  • Van den Brink PJ.

Is there an optimal sampling time and number of samples for assessing exposure to fast elimination endocrine disruptors with urinary biomarkers?

December 10, 2020
2020 Dec. Sci Total Environ.747:141185. Online ahead of print.
  • Fays F
  • Palazzi P
  • Hardy EM
  • Schaeffer C
  • Phillipat C
  • Zeimet E
  • Vaillant M
  • Beausoleil C
  • Rousselle C
  • Slama R
  • Appenzeller BMR.
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